I've made a few candidate web badges. Here they are, each one accompanied by its filename:



36x13 is the smallest size of web badge anybody uses, from what I've been able to find. Which makes sense; this is pretty much the smallest size of image you can do anything with.





These 15-pixel-tall deals, I've seen in message board sigs. I want each of Our Heroines to have a special icon of their own. Ally's is a top hat, as seen in the 80x15 job; Sheila's icon will be a spiked collar; and Reece's I'm not sure about, but I'm going to try to work up something that's a cross between a triquetra and a Celtic braid. It won't—can't—be complex or finely detailed, given that it's going to be used in a low-resolution image, but hopefully I can come up with something that seems far more complexificationated than it actually is.

Other sizes of web badge that are in more-or-less common use:

I'm thinking we probably don't want to go as big as 180 pixels wide. Even 120 pixels wide might be too much, I dunno?

Here are some highly relevant Photoshop files (and a couple of Sketchup 3D models), which should be of use to anybody who (a) has Photoshop (Sketchup) on their machine, and (b) wants to make their own web-badges. Control-click (if you're a Mac user) or right-clight (if you're a PC user) on a link to download that link's file onto your hard drive…

I've tweaked the existing wallpapers and added appropriate text…

I don't believe we have any wallpapers of Kev, but if we ever make one, I've got the perfect tag-line for it: "Strange visitor from Ghu-knows-where".

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