A Home to Call My Own

I replayed the video a second time before formulating the rest of my plan. First thing, I closed the port in my wrist and fired the gun again, increasing my intelligence to somewhere around that of Q's from Star Trek and adding in an understanding of the gun. It wouldn't do to be separated from it and having a complete understanding of the gun would allow me to recreate it if needed.

Then I smiled evilly, collected the attache case it had come in and headed for the lobby of the hotel. It was time to go to war and create some havok - hopefully enough that nobody would spot the actual goals or where I was going to hide and direct things from. Once in the lobby I started firing on everyone I could draw a bead on, creating the beginnings of a Xenomorph hive.

"That'll do for now - hopefully it'll go on long enough to draw in and destroy some competitors." I muttered to myself as I walked out the doors before any of my... volunteers... had time to come around from their little change. Outside there was some kind of riot going on, with what appeared to be copies of "The Lizard" from Spider-Man running around blasting things. Slightly stunned by that, I shook my head at the thought that another competitor had thought a dozen lizard-men would be enough havok to hide them.

Stifling a laugh I made my way into the nearby subway entrance and turned several of the people into containers of nano-assemblers and other advanced construction tools, then borrowed a backpack from one of the unlucky souls. Quickly loading the backpack with the containers, I jumped down to the tracks and started up the tunnel, ducking past a barricade covering the entrance to a closed-down line.

A quick bit of programming on the control-pad of one of the containers and the nano-assemblers contained inside spread forth, quickly tunneling into the wall and floor, creating the entrance to where I'd wait out the night before moving forward with my plans in the morning - and creating more of themselves. Yes - a bunker of unparalleled depth and sophistication was just what I needed.