An Indomitable Intellect

An Indomitable Intellect

by: ShadowWolf

Post 1 of ???

As the world came back into focus I knew things were going to be different. For one, there was a nice, hardshell, case with my name on it in front of me. Another point was that I was a free man—no more corporate and government sponsors to look over my shoulder and direct my research into areas that they felt were profitable. The third point is what I found when I opened the case—a small tablet computer of a make I didn't recognize and a strange looking, somewhat futuristic pistol.

Deciding that it wasn't right to play with the contents of the case in the lounge of the hotel—where it had, seemingly, appeared, I decided to head back to my suite and see how things played out. Of course I was curious—it was my insatiable curiousity that had led to me applying my genius to all the degrees I currently hold and to becoming the research scientist I am. But… to give into that curiousity about the tablet and the pistol out in the open might cause me problems in the future.

As the elevator doors opened on my floor, I bolted through the still widening opening and down the hall to my suite. Barely stopping to swipe the card and open the door, I ran into the lounge area of the suite and set the case on the table there, then pulled out the tablet again.

It took a couple seconds of study before I found the power switch, then pushed the button and the tablet sprung to life. A movie started playing, showing the pistol apparently being used to transform garbage and lifeforms into other things. I was incredulous and ready to decry the footage as mere special effects when the voice-over began.

"For the last minute or so you've been watching testing that was done during the development of the telepathically controlled, manually fired transformation enabling apparatus. As of the current version it is not capable of effecting inorganic matter unless said matter was created with one of these apparatus. We, the creators of the technology, decided that a pistol form would make for the most user-friendly interface, hence the given name of the device now in your possession—the Transformation Gun Mark 2. In addition to developing the technology, we have determined that it requires a… Trial by fire, as it were. So we have given copies of the gun to a randomly selected group seeded throughout the city and a copy of this message. We are offering a prize—you'll find out what it is if you 'win'—to the last one left after combat between all holders of a TF Gun."

I laughed and pulled the gun from the case, then fired it at myself, causing a techno-organic system to grow on my right arm that encased the gun and my right hand. When it finished growing, the gun was encased in a holster on my forearm, surrounded by steel and flesh with systems in place so I could fire it from its holstered position or easily cause it to extend into position so I could wrap my hand around it. A competition with some unspecified prize? Well… There weren't any rules given, and I was already forming a plan. No matter what would come, my intellect would allow me to stand triumphant!