Sometimes the best plan is to wait

My bunker complete in size and with life support in place, I programmed another container of nanites to spread out and take places in human, animal and insect nervous systems - this would provide me with mobile spy platforms in an ever expanding globe, centered on my base. With a mad cackle I turned a nearby pile of refuse into a container of TF-capable nanites, programmed to spread out and randomly turn people into clones of me, complete with a TF-Gun and the knowledge that they are clones and exist solely to attack the other TF Gun weilders head-on.

With that complete I waited for the clones to complete the first steps of phase 2 - the creation of the Borg. Within a half-hour there were about 3 dozen Borg and I sent out a telempathic pulse to tell the clones to transform the contents of several sewers into carrier and warrior forms of the Flood. Another half-hour passed and I asserted control over the Borg, sending a complex diagram to them along with a map to an underground parking garage my nanites had incorporated into my bunker. The diagram was for something that would add un-transformable warriors to my army - The Allspark. All I had to do was have a drone come by and pick up the core for it - created by the TF Gun from a Xenomorph that had made it into the subway tunnels and had dared to threaten me.

More steps of my plan in motion, I turned to the wall of the bunker that doubled as a flatscreen and watched as the bunkers computers picked up on a tussel between the army and several other contestants. When a dragon dropped a helicopter onto one of the competitors, I was ready to cheer - but as I kept watching - the others being followed by a swarm of gnats and other insects - he crawled out from under the wreckage. The thought that the TF Gun could sustain life like that made me smile - perhaps the hidden bunker was a bit much - but then I just laughed. My army would be able to separate the fools from their TF Guns through brute force - even if it meant tearing them apart.

I was distracted by the Borg drone arriving for the heart of the AllSpark, so I missed part of the group talking on the docks. But seeing them band together I seethed and sent out another batch of nanites. Those nanites were programmed to do two things - create Fuel-Air explosives in hidden locations throughout the city and to turn some of the mobile sensor platforms into guided weapons. Soon enough I'd unleash them on the fools that thought there was a strength in numbers.

Then the fat one - the one that had had a helicopter dropped on him - came flying in on a horse, firing a huge plasma-based weapon. A few mental commands later and half my TF Gun equipped clones had a mission to create themselves high-energy plasma based weapons. At the same time the Borg were ordered to start adding point-gravity projectors to their armaments - that flying platform the other contestants were fighting on and around was going to take a lot of work to destroy.

Laughing at the fat one getting stuck - magnetically - to the vehicle I ordered 10 clones into the subways to create new Xenomorph infestations. But these had a twist - like the Zerg that I might have used if I thought it could be contained to the combat area they had ways to attack airborne targets. That done, I had the nanites that had built (and were still expanding) my bunker seal the subway entrance and both hide and booby-trap the other entrances. No need for them now.